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About PyroDem We are Contractors Trainers and Distributors of Royex Rock Breaking Systems

Our Aim

PyroDem’ s aim is to promote the safe use of pyrotechnic blasting throughout the civil engineering and construction industry, develop safe systems of work and provide alternatives to conventional rock and concrete breaking methods. With over 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, we understand the importance of a fast, safe and reliable solution to rock breaking.

Based in central Scotland, we can attend your site at reasonably short notice to carry out feasibility studies, blast, train and demonstrate the power, safety and flexibility of pyrotechnical blasting. Why not "Break with Convention" and explore the future of rock breaking.

The Royex rock breaking system

The Royex rock breaking system is designed to break rock where conventional explosives are either prohibited by regulation or unsuitable for the task.

The Royex Generation II System is the world's first propellant based rock breaking system to be aligned with a sequential delay-timed initiation system

Deflagration not detonation

Deflagration is a rapid high energy release combustion event that propagates through a gas or an explosive material at subsonic speeds, driven by the transfer of heat. Deflagration, or Combustion, is different from detonation, which is supersonic and propagates through shock. Propellant powders have long been used as a rock breaking tool

Technical Information

For more technical information and detail, please visit Royex Rock Breaking Systems.

royex cartridge data sheet
Royex Gen2 data sheet
royex cartridge data sheet
Royex cartridges data sheet

Current applications


Breaking oversize rock and secondary blasting over and underground.

Close to roads

Break rock without closing down traffic or rerouting to protect from fly rock. Spare road infrastructure from vibrations.

In urban areas

Break concrete or rock in urban areas and spare sensitive structures and conform to local requirements.


Expanding cellars, removing concrete or similar work where indoor structures must be protected.


The rock breaking cartridges have been haunted by numerous issues in the past. Issues that have not had any serious solutions up until now. We are now proud to introduce the following new features to the rock breaking arena.


Through our new Maxfire igniter series, we can now offer the world’s most powerful RBC igniter with timing capability designed for optimal initiation of the Royex Gen 2 propellant mix.


Fully oxygen balanced and with a density close to one, the Royex Gen 2 propellant mix brings more power than ever seen in a rock breaking cartridge.


To ensure maximum flexibility, the cartridge has been separated from the igniter. The operator can choose from a range of cartridge sizes and range of igniter configurations including pyrotechnical timing.


Through Methodical development and exhaustive trials, we have been able to prove the cost savings and value addition when switching from conventional explosives to Royex in relevant applications.

Learn from Royex qualified and experienced trainers We provide certified training across the UK

Royex Training

PyroDem Ltd offer a modular training program, after the initial 1 day basic training module, we offer ad on modules to advance your certification, allowing you to employ the Royex rock breaking system in all areas of blasting and can be tailored to suit your site requirements.

Add on modules will generally take 2 days each and can be done on your site as part of your current contracts/workload. Additional modules will cover blast design, safe systems of work and risk assessing as well as the practical side of Pyrotechnical blasting in your required specialty.

Module 1

1 day basic training; enabling you to purchase the system and carry our single shot basic blasting in a safe environment such as quarries or remote locations.

Additional add on modules

  • Trench Blasting
  • Shaft Sinking
  • Bench Blasting
  • Tunneling
  • Rock Splitting
  • Underwater Blasting
  • Concrete Blasting/Demolition
  • Tailored courses to suit specific specialist requirements

Safety is our priorityThe Safety of the Royex System

Safety is of paramount importance.

The Royex rock breaking system has been developed with safety and efficiency of paramount importance. Royex is highly efficient when properly applied but has minimal impact on the surroundings if accidentally initiated or if exposed to fire or heat.

Since the solid propellant used in the Royex cartridges is a non-detonating compound the Royex cartridge will not explode if accidentally initiated on an open surface or exposed environment. Exhaustive testing has proved that even if a cartridge is accidentally initiated inside a box containing several cartridges the effect is limited to a small fire. No explosion will occur. The system is tested in accordance to the United Nations transport directive and is considered safe to transport and store in facilities with far more lenient requirements than regulated for normal explosives. The UN 1.4s classification also permits the cartridges to be transported by commercial air-cargo without restrictions on volume.

PyroDem are the Authorised distributor of Royex in Scotland Sales


Cartridge diameter (mm) Explosive weight(gram) Cartridges per case
16* 5 50
16* 10 50
16* 15 50
25 15 50
25 25 50
25 50 50
32 25 50
32 50 50
32 75 24
32 100 24
38 50 24
38 100 15
38 150 15
38 200 15

*Delivered with pre-assembled fusehead igniter

** Available with pre-assembled Maxfire igniter, or without igniter. Cartridge without igniter may either be used as booster cartridge or with a separate electrical or shock tube Maxfire igniter

Shot Exploders & Stemming Assists


The BART 1

The BART 1 initiation machine is a high capacity hand cranked unit requiring no batteries. The cranking action generates the main firing current and also a small control current for line testing. A built in line tester checks the cable resistance to identify short circuits, breaks, or overloaded circuits before initiation. This technology virtually eliminates misfires caused by igniter wiring problems, one of the leading causes of initiation related injuries. The machine is also suitable for initiating standard detonators (class III and VA).

The BART 1 is a compact, lightweight unit in a solid aluminum case. The tightly sealed outer casing exceeds all NEMA standards and is rated at IP65 under the international standard IEC 65029. The initiation machine case is thus splash proof and dust proof and can be used safely even in the most challenging environments. The BART 1 initiation machine has temperature compensating circuits to facilitate cold weather operation, and an added safety feature to automatically drain the blast capacitor when the Line-Test switch is turned on.Initiation machine BART 1


The BART 2

The BART 2 is high-energy initiation machine that packs more power than BART 1. Due to improved energy storage technology, BART 2 increased capacity allows for 20 Royex cartridges in series. It enables to blast most of insensitive electric detonators including class C4 high insensitive detonators. For this purpose, it is remarkably lightweight and compact device.

BART 2 has a hand generator for capacitor loading, therefore batteries are not needed. It is a rugged device intended to be used in hard conditions, as the electronic part and voltage generator are placed into a sealed hard aluminum case.



MARS is our compact, electronic capacitor blasting machine with build in ohm-meter. The machine is charged with aid of built in batteries and is operated by means of two spring loaded switches that short-circuit the capacitors in the rest position. The built in ohm-meter allows the operator to check for short-circuits and resistance. MARS uses a colour coded digital voltage meter to illustrate current battery levels and comes with a built in temperature compensation function. MARS is waterproof and very easy to use.

hole iron

The Royex hole iron

Since the Royex cartridge propellant is designed to deflagrate rather than to explode, the gas volume expansion is slow. To enable maximum efficiency in short drill hole depths, proper hole confinement is needed and this is supplied by the Royex hole iron. Made of purpose matched steel, the hole iron is applied at the end of the drill hole and ensures that the gas energy is contained and propagates through the rock rather than out of the drill hole. This minimizes the risk of hole blow outs and ensures optimum results, even in drill hole depths as short as 60 cm. The product is especially useful in dimensional stone quarrying where straight cuts are needed and where normally shallow blast holes are used.

The Royex hole iron is made in two sizes, 32 mm and 25 mm for drill hole diameters of 35-40 mm and 28 mm respectively.

PyroDem Specialist Contracting Services CONTRACTING

PyroDem Ltd provide the following services

  • Site evaluation and blast feasibility
  • Blast designs
  • Onsite training (we strongly recommend a further 2 day training course after the basic course, this will ensure that the Royex system is utilised fully, saving you time and money)
  • Blast supervision
  • Post training consultation
  • Drilling and blasting services
  • Vibration monitoring

Contact us at or give us a call +44 (0)7799 120139

With over 2 decades of experience in the construction industry, we understand the importance of a fast, safe and reliable solution to rock breaking

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